QMS Bridge Experience

QMS Bridge Experience

Over 25 years of auditing experience at QMS Bridge ranging from Quality Manager / Management Representative, QMS consultant, and Lead Auditors. We understand what it takes to implement a quality management system regardless if the system is ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13845, and/or IATF1694 then maintain the system.

There is probably only one person in your company that understands what is required for ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13845, and/or IATF1694 and you sent them to training. That person is your Quality Manager / Management Representative that performs your internal audits and attends all the ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13845, and/or IATF1694 audits and customer audits.

Cross-Training Experience

Thinking of cross-training your employees? Beware of the employee that maintains your quality management system and won’t teach anyone. If this happens you should contact us at 440.864.3712 or [email protected] as soon as possible so we can get all the required quality management system documents for your system.

We are offering the QMS Bridge service due to us hearing horror stories from companies not being able to find their records and losing the certificate. Don’t be the next company to lose your ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13845, and/or IATF16949 certificate contact us at 440.864.3712 or [email protected] to discuss how we can help your company.

It is amazing how many people have left a company for another company. It does not matter if the company is certified to ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485, or IATF16949 the people are moving on. We have also found that age doesn’t matter. We are seeing people in their early 20’s moving on also people in their 60s. You would have thought someone in their 60s would want to just skate along until they retire but that is not the case.

Quality Manager

Everywhere you go you hear companies complaining they can’t find anyone to fill the Quality Manager / Management Representative positions and they can’t find the ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485, or IATF16949 documents and records. But some companies have figured it out because the people leaving these companies are going somewhere to manage the ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485, or IATF16949 quality management systems.

Then you have so many people deciding it is time to retire. Sometimes that can be the hardest situation. Years of experience and unique record-keeping methods could be lost. I am not sure how long this is going to keep going.

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